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coily_smUse for connections between your solutions delivery equipment and your dialysis machines.We recommend our Coily’s as the perfect solution for interfacing with both our standard and recessed Patient Wall Stations.

Each Coily is translucent for ease of fluid verification, and may be color-coordinated to your system.

Polyurethane has outstanding memory and flexibility which makes it idea material for processing into self-storing Coilys. The coil allows the line to retract off the floor as equipment is moved, keeping the area neat. These coils are extraordinarily tough, resistant to abrasion, overstretching and kniking. They are very flexible and come with two straight tails, allowing for attachment at a comfortable distance from your equipment.

Standard Coilys are 10′ long when fully extended, 1/4″ OD and 1/8″ ID. Coilys are available in translucent blue or red and clear.